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Wedding Dances

At BDS, we choreograph and design your wedding dance how you want it! We will make sure you are not that couple who stands in the middle of the floor swaying back and forth for 3 minutes. Whether you want an intricate first dance, a daddy daughter dance or group dance, or simply learning on how to dance together to avoid being the sway couple, we can help you with all of your needs!

1st dance

Choreographed 1st Dance

We will choreograph your dance, cut your music if needed, and take you from start to finish. 


underarm turn

Social Dancing 1st Dance

Don't want a choreographed first dance? No problem! We can teach you several social dances you will use the day of your wedding as well as anytime in the future.

*No lesson Minimum*

daddy daughter dance

Daddy/Daughter - Mother/Son - Group Dances

We have done it all! If you want a daddy/daughter, mother/son, or a group dance for your bachelors or bachelorettes, we can help with that! 


*We have a 10 Lesson minimums for choreographed first dances. 10 lessons comes with a simple dance that you can easily remember the day of. If you want something more intricate, we will recommend 20, 30, or even 50 lessons. Dance is a skill, and like any other skill or hobby, it requires consistency, repetition, and practice. It is not possible to learn a dance in 3 lessons unless you have extensive dance experience for both partners. We want you to have a successful first dance, one that you will remember forever in a good way, not a bad way*

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