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Social Dances

Two left footers welcome, no experience, no partner needed, & all age levels are welcome! Whether you have specific dances you want to learn or if you have no idea, we will teach you how to socially dance with the highest quality instruction and in the fastest timeframe out of any studio in the Nashville, Franklin, or Bowling Green area. Our mission is to get you comfortable on a social dance floor as quickly as possible!


The hardest part of social dancing is walking through the door. Once you do, we will take the best care of you from there! By the end of your first lesson, we will have you dancing to 2-3 different styles of dance and to music.

Social Dance Schedule at each BDS Location:

Hermitage, TN - Every Saturday @730PM starting with a group class

Franklin, TN  - Every Friday @730PM starting with a group class

Bowling Green, KY - Every Friday @730PM starting with a group class

All socials are $25 per person which includes the group, social, and an open bar! Socials all end around 9:30PM - 9:45PM. Some socials will include special performances. 

I am a Beginner, should I start with group classes? 

If you have never danced ballroom before or you have little experience, group classes are not going to be a good idea. The group covers a specific dance and patterns / techniques in that dance. Without a basic understanding of that dance, you will be very frustrated. We highly suggest you take the beginner lesson for $35. We cover multiple dances in that session and make sure you understanding the basic steps to music for those dances. It is 45 minutes long, and we can schedule it at any time that works for the couple. If you let us know when you two are available, we can get you on the schedule!


How Can I Be A Proficient Social Dancer?

Weekly lessons are a great start! Dance is like any other hobby or skill. It takes weekly training along with practice outside of your lessons. We have a lot of weekly group classes and multiple social dances you can attend. The more you attend, the faster you will get to where you want to be at in your dancing. 

Check out our Facebook for all groups and social dances!

Frequently Asked Questions & Myths About Social Dancing

1. "Everyone at the social dance is too advanced and will not want to dance with me" - We have people of all ages and levels at the social dances. We have a very open and friendly community in our studio. Everyone dances with everyone at parties! You will see dancers who just started socially dancing to experienced dancers. If you do not attend the socials, you will never get practice time!


2. Attending Group Classes vs. Private Lessons - You will never become a proficient social dancer just on group classes. Group Classes are intended to teach patterns and technique within a dance. Unless you have a very solid foundation of the dance being taught, you will be lost and frustrated. Group classes are a great supplemental tool for your social dancing, but they are not the foundation to your dancing!

3. Spreading out lessons vs. taking them consistently - Spreading out lessons is a recipe for frustration. Dance is a skill that you are acquiring. It does not come overnight. We recommend taking at the minimum once per week, however, the more you can take in a shorter amount of time, the faster you will reach the goal of being a proficient social dancer!

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