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Why Choose Ballroom Dance Studios?

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Client Testimonials

What They’re Saying About Us


“Brooke is one of the best dance teachers in the area and an incredibly talented dancer. She has taught me things I never would have thought possible. Her lessons are challenging yet fun. Her dance shows are fun, energized and exciting! She has taken my ballroom dancing skills to a whole new level. I highly recommend her and her very talented associates! Top notch instruction and the best value for your money!!” 

-Debbie McClish


“Brooke is an awesome, energetic, beautiful, entertaining, professional dance instructor. Her and Devan are great together and both works well with the group and private lessons. If you have ever wanted to learn to dance, Swing, Ballroom and Latin then look no further than Brooke Mortimer as your dance instructor.”

-Steve Gibbs


“Dance class is the highlight of my week. Brooke is such an amazing teacher. She is so full of life and makes learning so much fun. She answers all questions and makes sure everyone gets the steps.”
-Joyce Meredith 

Steven Hendrick

“My parents brought me to a lesson, just to see if I would like it. I love going every week! Brooke is an amazing teacher. I am only 14 and had no dance experience. No I will be performing in the Spring show with the rest of the class!”

-Steven Hendricks 

Screen Shot 2018-11-07 at 5.41.13 PM.jpg

“Folks, I trained under Brooke Mortimer for countless hours and won first place twelve times in competition and earned Best Newcomer at Expo 2018. I can endorse this page and her abilities as a dance instructor, but you must put in the effort to train. Be serious about it, be consistent, and be patient.” 
-Manuel Cordova


“We have been going to the Clarksville classes for a while and we continue to attend the classes. We both have two left  feet and with Brooke and Devan help we have been dancing better and having a blast!” -Jill Seaman

Denise Burns Testimony

"Best thing I ever did for my self! It’s an affordable and very professional group of people. I Love my Dance Family!!!"

Chlore Morey

"This place is amazing!! When I say anyone can dance, anyone can dance. The people make you feel welcome, You'll love it here. ♡"

Brooke and Devin are so patient with everyone. Not only are they amazing dancers themselves, but they can make anyone dance. They also make the environment so much fun and exciting that anyone would love to learn from them!
Highly recommended!


I was so surprised how comfortable I was the first time. the instructors are so positive and encouraging. I loved it and have decided to continue going.

Samantha Hendrick.jpg

Brooke is the most energetic, patient, encouraging dance teacher! My husband came to her as beginner dancers. With her teaching and encouragement we have grown so much as dancers. We have even competed with a routine she choreographed and placed 1st in our division! She pushes you to do things you didn't know you could do! She genuinely loves teaching dance! We look forward to classes every week!

Andria .jpg

ETDS in Knoxville over the weekend. This was an exciting weekend to try out my first competition for mambo and rumba. My instructors Devan and Brooke have been amazing at instilling the confidence in learning to dance while still having fun with it!


This weekend i danced at ETDS in Knoxville. we danced in 55 heats. finishing first place in every single one!!! took my solo and placed first with the MASSIVE award BEST OF THE BEST! we beat out 38 other numbers!!!! i'm so extremely happy and blessed with such an amazing dance partner!

Brooke Mortimer

you have changed my life with dancing and I couldn't thank you enough! love you sooooo much. words couldn't explain the happiness.


Devan Mcclish

thank you so much for doing this routine with me! I never thought I would be back on that comp floor doing what I love. I am so thankful for you and

Brooke Mortimer

for always helping me become the best version of myself! I can't wait to see where this routine goes

Client Testimonials

What They’re Saying About Us


“I have always loved to dance but I wanted to know how to do it right when Brooke and Devan decided there was a opportunity to come to Bowling Green that was the best thing ever not only are they young ,energetic , and wonderful teachers they care about their clients and their ability to learn what classy and fun dancing really is I love the classes and they are fun this has been a blessing for me.” -Karrita Pippin

Karrita Pippin


“What a fun night! Can’t wait for our next class. Such a fun and upbeat instructor who truly helps understand the steps.“-Jessica Haake

Jessica Haake


“It is great exercise, meet wonderful people and fun, fun, fun.  It is a great way to prevent  Alzheimer’s, it has been proven to be helpful by the American Medical Association.
The instructors Brooke and Devan are wonderful! They are patient and take the time to help you one on one if needed.
     It is a great way to exercise and not realize you are.  How much better can it get than that?”-Cheryl Pierce

Cheryl Pierce

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