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If you want to compete with our studio, our mission is to make you the best competitive dancer as quickly as possible without breaking the bank! We strive to have our dancers be the best on the floor. For us, it is all about making you the best dancer possible, not take you through levels of dance. No matter what style or category you want to dance in, we can make it happen! We have the highest quality instruction at the most affordable rates!


Closed vs. Open

You can compete in the closed or open categories at our studio! We encourage you to dance at the highest level possible when competing with us. We have taken students with NO EXPERIENCE and have had them dance in the open categories right away. 

We have student after student that has gone from ground zero to Open Silver and winning the category within a year and a half of dance training.

We offer the highest quality instruction in Nashville, TN, Franklin, TN & Bowling Green, KY. We believe anyone can be great at this activity with our instruction and following our process. 

Reach out to us to discuss your competitive wants, and we will create a path to achieve your goals.

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Why Compete?

Our competitive dancers are our best dancers in our studio, hands down. You have a hyper focus on mastering the dances you are competing in. Your social dancing will be fast tracked as well. Lastly, it is one of the most exhilarating and fun experiences you can have in your dance journey. 


Theater Arts / Cabaret

The Ballroom Dance Studios team specializes in the Theater Arts / Cabaret category. Learn dance lifts, tricks, and dips from the best in the region! This is an extremely specialized form of dancing that is very strenuous on the body for the student and the teacher. We have both male and female instructors in this category!

We have multiple students who compete this style! We also have access to the best coaches in the nation for this style of dance.

Cost - There must be one spotting instructor and one instructor performing the lifts. Two Instructors are needed on every lesson & we require prior dance training before we will teach this style.

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