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What We Provide

Ballroom Dance Studios Offers The Services Following,

  • Private Lessons 

  • Group Classes 

  • Wedding Dances

  • Show Performances

  • Social Parties

  • Competitions

  • Kids Classes 


Group Classes

*Group Classes are offered to members of BDS only. In order to join the group classes you must take a private lesson before joining the classes!*

We offer group classes in all styles of dance! Download our mobile app "Ballroom Dance Studios" to get the class schedule or ask your BDS instructor!

If you have never danced before, we require you to take a private lesson before attending group classes!

$12 - $15 per class!

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Private Lessons

We can teach you any style of partnership dance! We customize a plan for you and your own dance journey. We do not believe a one size fits all. Anything you want to learn, we are here to teach it to you! Private lessons are hands down the best and fastest way to learn.

First Private - $25!

Welcome to Ballroom Dance Studios. Anyon

Theater Arts / Cabaret

The Ballroom Dance Studios team specializes in the Theater Arts / Cabaret category. Learn dance lifts, tricks, and dips from the best in the region! This is an extremely specialized form of dancing that is very strenuous on the body for the student and the teacher. We have both male and female instructors in this category!

Cost - $200 per lesson. There must be one spotting instructor and one instructor performing the lifts. Two Instructors are needed on every lesson & we require prior dance training before we will teach this style.

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Professional Performances

Ballroom Dance Studios is committed to excellence both as a stunning venue space and with the services we provide. Clients can choose from our popular Event Catering services, or customize their own. When you celebrate your special occasion with us, we’ll accommodate all of your Event Catering needs, with the entire Ballroom Dance Studios team here to serve you.

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Wedding Dances!

 Ballroom Dance Studios Offers Service To Cater To Any Type Of Wedding Dance! We Have Private One On One Lessons To Get You Ready For Your Special Day. We Customize Every Dance To Meet Our Couples Desires!

*Minimum of 10 lessons must be purchased*



We choreograph and dance to any song or style you want! We offer solos and spectaculars with multiple instructors! Perform on stage in front of a crowd or at a competition with a unique solo routine!

We hold three shows per year: Spring Show, Fall Show, & Christmas Show!

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