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Showcase Dancing 

At BDS, we direct and perform two showcases annually: Summer Showcase, & Winter Showcase! Any dancer is welcome to join our showcases. Showcases are always themed, and an amazing experience for dancers of all levels and ages! They are a great way to learn one style of dance very well. 

What Sets Us Apart?

1. Our showcases are meant to challenge and expedite a student's dancing. We will choreograph your showcase with the goal of quickly improving your dancing in that particular style of dance.

2. Student's choose the music they want to dance to vs. us choosing it for you.

3. We do not have rules on how many lessons you have to spend on a showcase or outrageous package prices for shows. Our shows are very affordable for students to dance in. Most students end up dancing 2-4 performances in our shows because of how affordable our showcases are

4. We encourage you to continue your showcase number after the showcase. Whether you want to perform it again in a future show or compete the showcase number, you have that ability in our studio vs. other studios require you to retire the number and move on.

Danny on motorcycle_edited.jpg
Danny on motorcycle_edited.jpg

Why Should I Join A Showcase

A showcase number allows you to expedite the process of learning that particular dance by learning additional steps and technique within that style of dance. It will improve your social dancing ten fold by dancing in showcases. Also, it is one big party that occurs three times per year. You do not want to miss being apart of that!

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